It's all about the microwaves

Theo Wyld, Research Analyst

In 1986, Margaret Thatcher released the shackles of over-regulation, enabling London to regain its title as the number one financial centre of the globe. The 30th anniversary of Big Bang, as it became known, got Research Analyst, Theo Wyld thinking about the original Big Bang and whether there are any concepts that have been borrowed by the markets, other than its catchy, alliterative name.

General interest

A Changing Tide In The Art Market

Will Richards, Deputy Chairman,The Fine Art Auction Group

It is no secret that traditional ‘antique’ markets are regarded by many as old fashioned or the preserve of previous generations and that consequently Georgian chests of drawers, card tables and 18th century paintings are now more affordable than they have ever been. However there is a growing belief that factors such as value for money, quality and dare we utter it, a changing tide of fashion are conspiring to reinvigorate the prices in ‘old school’ collecting areas.

Guest editorial

Threat to the city

Anthony Hilton, Financial Editor of the Evening Standard

For the three years before the EU referendum the London economy was growing faster than Singapore and Hong Kong. Anthony Hilton ponders whether London can maintain this growth in light of the changing world in which we live.

Collectives commentary


Richard Wilson, Partner, Polar Capital

Given the events of 8th November 2016 and the shock of Mr. Trump taking the Presidency, we are now reflecting on some of the longer- term implications of what a clean sweep Republican victory over both houses of Congress and the White House could mean for the US economy and financial markets.

Equity prospects


Equity prospects


Equity prospects

Royal Dutch Shell

Equity prospects


Equity prospects

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Economic focus


There is an old joke regarding economists that goes along the lines that if every economist in the world was laid end to end, they still would not reach a conclusion. I once introduced Stephanie Flanders, who was the BBC’s economics editor at the time, at a conference with this line. She was far from amused.

JM Finn news


Whilst the firm respects that charitable giving is a personal decision, we have always maintained that a company of our size, reputation and standing should pool its resources to help where it can. Meet Jessie – JM Finn & Co’s latest puppy

Stock in focus


The CEO, Ian Page, who visited us recently for what was a highly informative and well-attended meeting, has been instrumental in the company’s transformation from a low-margin drug distributor, to the high-margin manufacturer it is today.

Independent view

Are Your Affairs In Order?

Justine Alford of Burningham and Brown Solicitors reflects upon the importance of having a Will, the need to update it as your circumstances change and the benefits of setting up a Lasting Power of Attorney.

Wealth Planning in focus

Wealth Planning

As many readers will recall, we carried out a survey of our clients in 2015 to ensure, amongst other areas, the services we offer remain relevant to our clients.

Wealth Planning in focus

Smart Planning For Tax Year Ahead

With many allowances offered on a ‘use-it-or-lose-it’ basis, now is the time to consider smart financial planning strategies that are aimed at reducing your tax liability and growing your wealth. It is also a great time to consider financial planning strategies for the year ahead.