The Artisanal Revolution?

James Godrich, Fund Manager

In 1910 one-third of the American workforce was employed on farms across the country. By 2010 that number was 10% and today it stands at more like 2%. Horses, followed by tractors and more recently robots have changed processes and productivity across the agricultural industry dramatically.

General interest

Alan Titchmarsh in conversation

Alan Titchmarsh is a man of many passions. He’s a communicator who simply wants to share those passions and he did just that at a gala evening at the Hampshire Country & Garden Festival, where he discussed, amongst others, being put on the road to success by a teacher whose mantra was “yes you can.”

Equity prospects


Equity prospects

Walt Disney

Equity prospects

PZ Cussons

Equity prospects


Equity prospects

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The Potting Shed

With over 150,000 new private businesses started in 2017 it seems that everywhere we look there’s a start-up. In this new series we asked friends of JM Finn to describe the challenges entrepreneurs face as they look to change the world, make a fortune or simply earn a living.

Economic focus

The Importance of Black Gold

If I were to point out that oil had all but doubled in price in less than a year, you might be a little surprised.

Stock in focus


Many of you may never have heard of Tencent. It might therefore surprise you to read that they are the fifth largest company by market capitalisation globally, recently overtaking Facebook and nipping at the heels of Amazon.

Wealth Planning in focus

“To have and to hold...”

After the pomp and ceremony of the Royal Wedding, Simon Wong, reflects on how a flaw in the Individual Savings Accounts (ISA) rules that prevented surviving partners from inheriting the full amount of their deceased partner’s ISA tax-free was closed by the government on 6th April 2018.

Collectives commentary

China: A long way to grow

Conversations about investing in Asia often start with China. There is good reason for this. It already has the largest economy in the world.

Bond focus

More excitement than you bargained for

Bonds are often described as safe investments. “Safe” here relates to the probability of you getting your money back. Government bonds, or Gilts, are seen as being very safe because the UK Government can always print money; so the risk of default is low.