Going into Labour

John Royden, Head of Research

My one and only foray into politics was short-lived. Fifteen years ago I offered to help a local Tory MP at the then forthcoming election. He told me that the Tories would probably do better if I canvassed on behalf of the Labour Party instead! This spelled the end of my political career.

Guest editorial

A Step Change in Terrorism; What Next?

Ed Butler

We are clearly living in unprecedented times and in a new paradigm where “Cold War” has been replaced by “Hot Peace”. A paradigm where we have gone from a bi-polar world to one of multiple asymmetric conflicts and threats; where war is now indistinguishable from peace.

Equity prospects

GVC Holdings

Equity prospects


Equity prospects

The Cooper Companies

Equity prospects

Clipper Logistics

Equity prospects

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Collectives commentary

150 years of investing on behalf of the private investor

Foreign & Colonial Investment Trust is celebrating 150 years as the steward of individual investors’ capital. This first investment trust preceded the establishment of the collective funds industry that we know today.

General interest

Talking dessert...with Luke Matthews

Before we begin there’s an important issue to be resolved. By what name should we refer to this, the last course of a meal?

Economic focus

The Cost of Living Counts

As we moved into February, markets were rattled by a mini crash that started on Wall Street. In two days the Dow Jones Industrial Average slumped by more than 4%, leading to a sell-off around the world.

Independent view

Safeguarding your Secrets

Amelia Beringer and Kieran Forsyth in the private wealth team at Gordon Dadds highlight the importance of detailing your digital assets in your will, to ensure you don’t bury your Bitcoin, amongst other assets.

Wealth Planning in focus

Spring cleaning

As a wealth planner, Simon Wong spends many hours delving into clients’ financial affairs at their behest in a bid to help them structure their wealth more tax efficiently or to put together a financial plan – be that to ensure they have funds available to fulfil their dreams or to pass on to the next generation.

Independent view

Planning for Uncertainty

Julian Melling of Swiss Life suggests an offshore bond, or Life Wrapper, can offer tax benefits to UK residents to mitigate the effects of economic uncertainty.