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Building on the personal service that marks JM Finn & Co out amongst many of our peers, we recognise the need to have a top-quality online facility that meets our clients’ needs from both a communication and a convenience standpoint.

Having been an early mover in the provision of online portfolio valuations for our clients (available since 2000), we are constantly looking to ensure these services meet our clients’ changing needs, whilst reflecting industry best practice and ensuring we do not compromise our clients’ privacy and data security. 

We have recently launched a brand new online client portal which we believe provides a clearer and more usable interface with your accounts. Account and portfolio values can be viewed (as at the previous night’s close) and individual stock transactions are fully itemised with the ability to drill down to a chart detailing the stock’s price history (delayed 15 minutes). 

We believe one of the key functionalities will be the personal library. We launched the library in 2014 and have now enhanced it to make it more user friendly: allowing you to view all your personal account documents in one place, securely. From periodic reports, contract notes and custody statements, all the documentation relating to your account is posted to your personal library where you can view, print or download it. 

For existing users the login details remain the same – but if you are not one of the 10,000 account holders that already has a login set up, contact your investment manager who will arrange for the details to be sent to you.



  • Available on your desktop computer, laptop or download our app from Google Play or the App Store 
  • View the current value of your portfolio 
  • View a consolidated holdings report, by family group or by individual portfolio 
  • Personalise and manage your alerts for when new documents are posted to your personal library 
  • Keep updated with the latest JM Finn & Co news and market commentary
  • One-touch dialling from your smart phone to your investment manager 
  • Send and receive secure messages to your investment manager
  •  Access the transaction history and cash statement 
  • View, download and print all your account documentation for the last 3 years from your personal library 
  • Access historical price movement charts for FTSE 350 equities 
  • Two factor access details to help safeguard your privacy 
  • Secure log-in from your smart phone or tablet (if available) via biometric identity check 



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