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JM Finn signs up to Women in Finance Charter

As part of our commitment to having a more diverse work force, JM Finn has signed up to the Women in Finance Charter. The charter, which now has over 300 finance companies signed up to it, is a commitment by HM Treasury and the signatory firms to work together to build a more balanced and fair industry.

The charter requires action on behalf of the signatories, the most notable being that the firm’s senior executive team must agree published goals and be held accountable for them. Our goals, published on the Treasury’s website, include the following:

  • Aim for 50/50 gender split for applicants to our investment manager trainee scheme
  • Review and formalise our hiring policy to broaden the pool of talent available to us
  • Offer coaching pre- and post-maternity leave for all employees
  • Offer at least one specific leadership coaching session per year for women
  • Initiate a mentoring programme
  • Work toward 30% representation of women in senior management by 2021

We hope that by signing the charter, alongside other initiatives, will in due course help us create a more balanced workforce. Our expectation is that, over time, this should enhance the firm’s competitiveness and ability to attract and retain the talent that we need to provide our clients with a top quality wealth management service as we look to ensure our firm is sustainable for generations to come.

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