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Cyber crime awareness

Cyber crime has been on the rise for many years as fraudsters look to take advantage of technological weaknesses.

Fraud and scams have been around since time began but what makes cyber crime such a huge issue is the access to huge amounts of data that is provided by a network. And the fact that within any network there can be vast amounts of people.

In the 1980s it was boiler room scams that made the headlines, which soon progressed to customer fraud and pension scams, when a caller rang professing to be from a trusted source and persuaded you to invest in x, y or z scheme. The premise today is very much the same, with the most prevalent type of cyber crime being phishing.

We have produced a guide designed to educate about the types of fraud, the risks they expose themselves to and some precautions to take to minimise those risks, such as: 

  • Protect your email and online accounts by using a strong password
  • Install the latest software and app updates
  • Turn on two-factor authentication on your email 
  • Always back up your most important data 

To learn more and read further articles about how to beat cyber crime, download the full report at

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