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The Asset Allocation Committee, which consists of three members of our research team and a number of investment managers, aims to provide a view on the asset allocation that seems most suitable in current macro conditions. The output of the monthly meetings remains a suggested stance and it is important to note, that the views expressed are not those of the firm but rather those of the committee and that the views expressed may not necessarily be those of your individual investment manager. 

As part of our focus on providing a high quality, personalised investment service, we look to support our investment managers in their decision making when it comes to constructing client portfolios. Our Asset Allocation Committee is one example of this, via their monthly output.


Fixed Income

UK Government Bonds - Conventional gilts


We see the re-emergence of inflation as a topic in the US and think that the same drivers will arise here. We prefer shorter dated index linked for the time being.

UK Corporate Bonds


Investment grade bonds with the shortest maturities are preferred, within the constraints of income requirements.

UK Goverment Bonds — Index Linked gilts


As with conventional gilts, we prefer shorter dated index linked bonds. GBP weakness will only work to boost inflation.

UK Equities

UK Financials


The sector could benefit in the short term from the strength of the UK economy.


Consumer goods


We like this sector for its defensive qualities and some opportunities are emerging.

Oil & Gas


Given the unfavourable supply/demand dynamics we do not expect any improvement until we see concrete production cuts announced.

Consumer Services


Some interesting opportunities in Media and Leisure exist.



Selective opportunities still remain in the sector that should benefit from weaker sterling.


Other Equities



We are now positive on North America thanks to the reflationary political situation and an improved earnings outlook.



Upcoming political events and the potential for sterling strength lead us to be cautious here, with the banking sector concerns likely to overshadow the markets. We are cautious also on the Swiss Franc.



We have little conviction as to Japan’s economic outlook and subsequent policy response.



There are signs of the economies stabilising but we remain cautious on a potential US rate rise and its effects.

Emerging Markets


We remain generally positive on emerging markets but some caution required due to recent strength.




The preference remains property companies rather than open-ended funds, but caution on liquidity.

Absolute Return


Exposure might be appropriate given current market conditions. We suggest caution on the “yield hunt” and are wary of lower quality products.



As with absolute return, investors should be cautious when looking for yield and pay close scrutiny to the quality of the investment product.


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