Honey, I stressed the kids

Theo Wyld, Research Analyst

It is often said that bad news sells better than good news. I am inclined to agree and therefore I do not begrudge the papers or other news sources for leaning slightly towards the pessimistic side – after all, their business is to sell stories to the public. However, from my perspective 2017 has felt overwhelmingly negative.

Wealth Planning in focus

Should I stay, or should I go?

There are around 11 million people who have built up benefits in private sector defined benefit pensions and its seems that higher transfer values are increasingly tempting people to leave these so called “gold-plated” schemes.

Equity prospects


Equity prospects

Royal Dutch Shell

Equity prospects

Rio Tinto

Equity prospects

Lloyds Banking Group

Equity prospects

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The Corbyn Rate

What interest rate would you charge to lend money to Corbyn? Imagine that Jeremy Corbyn managed to push Labour and its allies past the parliamentary majority of 321. What would happen to the UK gilt market?

Economic focus

Life after Brexit

Despite studying economics at school and later as part of a business studies course, I remain uncertain as to whether this discipline is more science or art.

Collectives commentary

Investing for income: Data-dependent

Stock selection – analysing financial statements, meeting companies and understanding their markets and industries – is central to the Artemis Global Income Fund.

Stock in focus

Intercontinental Hotels Group

With more than 750,000 hotel rooms in 100 countries, Intercontinental Hotels Group is one of the largest global franchises today.

General interest

Property pearls

Mark Lawson from The Buying Solution takes a look at the property market and highlights the trend for off-market transactions.


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