Up the middle

Geordie Kidston, Head of Research

When Mrs. Thatcher was asked what her greatest political achievement was, she replied “New Labour”. The centralist period of Blair’s years saw policy creep away from traditional Labour ground to an era that heralded many genuine achievements.

Guest editorial

China storm or squall?

Jerermy Warner, Assistant Editor, The Daily Telegraph

After a summer of turmoil in global stock markets, there are four key questions that beg for answers.

Economic focus

Crouching tigers, hidden dragon

Brian Tora, Chartered Fellow, CISI, Consultant to JM Finn

The summer months were thrown into some disarray by the signals emerging from China, covered so well by Jeremy Warner on page 8 of this edition of Prospects. Perhaps the shock waves that travelled through markets were made more dramatic by the fact that trading volumes were thin, with so many market participants away on holiday. Or maybe it was that enough of us felt we should have seen this coming to warrant a swift reaction – perhaps even over-reaction.

Equity prospects


Equity prospects


Equity prospects

Associated British Foods

Equity prospects


Equity prospects

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Bond focus

George's cunning plan

John Royden suggests how the Chancellor might be looking to force an increase in productivity via wage inflation, rather than risk an interest rate rise.

Collectives commentary

It's darkest before the dawn

Tim Guinness founded, and is Chief Investment Officer of, Guinness Asset Management having previously founded Guinness Flight Global Asset Management in 1987, which was latterly acquired by Investec. With over 35 years experience managing global energy funds, Tim is one of the industry’s leading experts on energy. Here he asks how dark the prospects for the oil industry it 1am or 5am?

Etiquette in focus

21st Century etiquette

One of a Chief Executive Officer’s many responsibilities is the development of the firm’s brand. How a brand is adapted to the changing business environment can be crucial to its success: none more so than at Debrett’s, the nearly 250 year old trusted source on social skills, etiquette and style. Joanne Milner, current CEO of Debrett’s, discusses how this venerable institution and “original social network” navigates today’s globalised society.

Stock in focus

Hunting PLC

Founded in 1874 and initially listed in three parts on the London market in 1985, Hunting Plc was formed by merger in 1989. Hunting is a conservative yet entrepreneurial operator, 27% owned by the Hunting family, and exposed to any eventual upturn in North American drilling activity

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Client survey 2015

Independent view

Taxation of dividends from 2016 The Winners & The Losers

Stephen Barratt, a director specialising in tax planning and structuring advice for private clients at James Cowper Kreston, reflects on the implications for the investor of the biggest shake up of the taxation of dividends for many years.