The rise of plant power

Michael Bray, Research Analyst
Abby Humphries, Illustrator

Michael Bray explores how the rise of plant- based food and beverages across the meat and dairy substitute markets is impacting the industry.

Guest editorial

Familiarity Breeds Contempt

Joachim Klement, Research Analyst
Adam Mallett, Illustrator

I used to joke that I can tell which country an investor lives in and which industry she works in just by looking at her portfolio.

Independent view

Bank of Mum and Dad

Debbie Gale, Head of Probate, Legal Director, TLT Solicitors
Andrew Rees, Illustration

Are you thinking about making gifts or loans to your children to help them on the property ladder?

Bond focus

QE or not QE ... Is that the question?

John Royden, Head of Research
Darren Richards, Illustration

You may have read about the way that the USA’s Federal Reserve Bank (“Fed”) has been active in the New York repo market. This article explains what is going on.

Equity prospects


Equity prospects


Equity prospects


Equity prospects


Equity prospects

In this issue:

Economic focus

First, the bad news...

Just how big a threat is the Coronavirus to the health of the global economy? Certainly, this epidemic has been stealing the headlines in recent weeks and, although markets shrugged aside the possible effects initially, panic eventually set in with shares recording their biggest fall since the financial crisis of more than a decade ago.

Collectives commentary

The importance of face-to-face meetings

In a departure from the norm, as opposed to asking a third party fund manager to give us their current view of the market, we asked Freddie Woodhead, who is the sector specialist for Asia and Emerging Market Equity funds and responsible for coordinating our fund research, about how a fund becomes a preferred fund at JM Finn.

Stock in focus


Alphabet is the holding company created by Google in 2015 to provide investors more transparency into Google’s operations and give Google’s earlier stage companies, ‘Other Bets’, greater space to experiment and challenge conventional wisdom – with less bureaucratic oversight and more entrepreneurial autonomy.

General interest

A Curator's view

Adrian Locke, Senior Curator at the Royal Academy is often presented with a range of challenges when putting on an exhibition. None more so than curating Oceania. When I started working in the Exhibitions Department at the Royal Academy of Arts (RA) back in 2001, there was a reference document somewhat poetically called the mapa mundi.

The Potting Shed

The Potting Shed No.8

The number of new businesses in the UK continues to grow year on year. In this series we ask entrepreneurs to describe the challenges they faced when embarking on their ventures.

JM Finn news


Providing personalised investment and wealth management services requires a good deal of communication and whilst formal client meetings are an integral aspect of our services, being able to meet our clients in a more informal setting can add significantly to any relationship.