Why cash might not be king

James Godrich, Fund Manager
Adi Kuznicki, Illustration

The rise of populist politics through the early 21st Century is something that I’m sure will be delved into, with hypotheses about its causes for years to come.

Guest editorial

Talk isn't cheap. Word of Mouth is still hugely valuable

Simon Andrews
Lesley Imgart, Illustration

Perhaps the biggest change in marketing in the last few years has been the rise of online influencers.

Wealth Planning in focus

Success by default

Atticus Kidd, Wealth Planning Assistant
Andrew Rees, Illustration

Atticus Kidd, Wealth Planning Assistant at JM Finn, explores how the success of the auto enrolment initiative can be attributed to the core principles of behavioural science.

Client Survey 2019

Client Survey 2019

Oliver Tregoning, Head of Marketing

Surveys are often like Marmite – you either love them or hate them. I know people who feel let down by a brand which doesn’t ask them how their experience was, but for every one of those, there is someone who feels a survey cheapens the product or service.

Equity prospects


Equity prospects


Equity prospects


Equity prospects


Equity prospects

In this issue:

Stock in focus

Novo Nordisk

Novo is a Danish pharmaceutical company which focuses on treating chronic illnesses. It is the world’s largest diabetes care company and operates in over 180 countries.

General interest

Enigma and the Bombe are relevant to security today

Enigma, the enemy: The Enigma was used throughout WWII as the Germans' encryption device of choice for all but the very highest level of secret communications.

The Potting Shed

The Potting Shed No.5

The number of new businesses in the UK continues to grow year on year. In this series we ask entrepreneurs to describe the challenges they faced when embarking on their ventures.

Independent view

Busting the myths of cohabitation

So, it is much less complicated if you just live together, right? Wrong. There are an estimated 3.3 million cohabiting couples in the UK, this fastest growing family type has more than doubled since the mid-1990s.

Bond focus

Eyes On America

For some while I have held the view that the most important medium term driver of interest rates is what happens in America, because I think America is going to be the catalyst for the next recession.

Collectives commentary

European Companies: Seeking Winners on the World Stage

Europe has some great investment opportunities, but you could be forgiven for thinking otherwise. In March, the European Central Bank cut sharply its growth forecasts for 2019 and pledged to keep interest rates negative.