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Which Letter will Rule the Recovery?

Brian Tora, Chartered Fellow, CISI, Consultant to JM Finn
Adam Mallett, Illustrator

It was American President, Harry S Truman who coined a phrase to describe the difference between a recession and economic depression.

Guest editorial

The shape of things to come

Neil MacKinnon
Adam Mallett, Illustrator

The profile of any recovery is much debated, so we asked Neil MacKinnon, our consultant macro-economic strategist, to share his thoughts of how things might pan out.

Wealth Planning in focus

Saving for the next Generation

Anthony McManus, Wealth Planning Assistant
Adi Kuznicki, Illustration

If anything, other than the myriad of struggles Coronavirus has brought upon society, it has awoken the painful ignorance in a vast number of young people towards saving not only for their future, but also for immediate emergencies.

Independent view

Estate planning: now is the moment

Bruce Clarke, Partner - Private Client Team, Rix & Kay Solicitors LLP
Adam Mallett, Illustrator

For many, the only thing one has been able to say with any certainty in recent times is that Covid-19 has resulted in uncertain times for many. Although recently the residential property market has ‘re-opened for business’ and the financial markets have perked up a bit, for many the financial impact of Covid-19 has seen a fall in value of their net worth.

Equity prospects


Equity prospects


Equity prospects


Equity prospects

Cooper Companies

Equity prospects

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The Covid-19 Player of the Match Awards

I had hoped that by the time of writing this article, we would be nearing the end of the Covid-19 episode and that my chosen title would have fitted the ascent out of the doldrums of viral recession. Sadly, we are not quite there yet, so it is better to think of this as nominations for the Player of the Match Awards.

Collectives commentary

Challenging times for UK Equity Income investors

These are challenging times for investors who use the dividends paid by companies to generate an income for themselves. Royal Dutch Shell’s recent dividend cut (its first since the Second World War) is the most high profile example yet of the challenge facing both companies and income investors from the current crisis.

JM Finn news

Going above and beyond

Supporting our clients often goes well beyond simply managing their investment portfolio. After all, one’s savings can be the axis around which our lives are based so more often than not one’s investment manager acts as a trusted adviser.

Understanding finance


Another word for duration could be the average life of a bond. Most bonds pay annual or semi-annual coupons and have a redemption date. So whilst a bond maturing in three years and with a £5 annual coupon will have a life of three years, its average length is less, because you get a string of coupons over the life of the bond. The first coupon of £5 in a year’s time has a life of one year and that lowers the average life of the bond.

Bond focus

Collateralised Loan Obligations: Ignorance may not be so bliss

Collateralised Loan Obligations (CLOs) share similarities to mortgage backed securities that we know caused significant financial and economic challenges during the 2008 Global Financial Crisis.

Stock in focus

Johnson Matthey

Johnson Matthey (JM) is a global chemicals company and leader of sustainable technology. Its aim is to use science to research, develop and deliver technologies to help build a cleaner world, make a positive contribution to society and improve lives.